1_google-plus_Do you want to use  Google services for health business?  Even though Google Health was shutdown, there are a myriad of tools and services that Google has that you can use. Google health allowed users to store and manage all their health related information at one place. If you are running a health business you can use google to drive a boatload of traffic onto your website.

The different ways to use Google services are as follows:

  • Google AdMob is one of the most important services that you can use for your health based business. this is a comparatively new service offered by Google. It is a new advertisement platform which is optimized for android, Windows phone 8 and iOS. Recent data shows that most people conduct internet searches over their Smartphone. When they are searching for health related services, they are probably on the move and want to save time. So, they search using their Smartphone. This platform allows you to create a mobile optimized web page and advertisement platform. This can drive a significantly greater quantity of traffic to your website. Google plus can also allow you to get more traffic. You can buy google plus ones.
  • Apart from all these services, Google search alone can play a significant role in promoting your health related business. Optimizing your website in such a way that it attains a high page rank is sound business strategy for any business and health is no exception. When your customer is actively searching for a health related service, he or she will use the Google search tool. If your web page is optimized, especially for local searches, it will appear within the first page of the search results. This increases the chances of your prospective patients finding out more about you and visiting your clinic.

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